Class of 2021 Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to the 59 members of the Class of 2021 who achieved perfect attendance throughout the three-year Next Level Scholars program!

The Next Level Scholars (NLS) Class of 2021 is the largest in the history of the organization with 114 graduates. Students participate in the academic support program from sophomore year until high school graduation. Throughout that time, they attend multiple events each school year, including campus visits, SAT test prep, etiquette and networking training, the annual Celebration Luncheon, and more.

In order to achieve perfect attendance throughout all three years, students must make a commitment to the program and to their own success in life after high school. More than half of the students in this graduating class attended every single NLS event. All 59 of them have remained highly engaged, maximizing resources and opportunities provided to them in the NLS program.


The following students received special recognition during the recent Suited for Success celebration at the end of the school year. Congratulations on achieving perfect attendance in the NLS program!


Kurk E., Berkley High School
Lindsay P., Berkley High School
Eve P., Berkley High School
Lauren R., Berkley High School
Habiba I., Center Line High School
Michelle S., Center Line High School
Persia C., Clintondale High School
Hannah G., Clintondale High School
Aleezia L., Clintondale High School
Ethan S., Clintondale High School
Olivia T., Clintondale High School
Fidel M., Detroit Cristo Rey High School
Dyanna O., Detroit Cristo Rey High School
Alondra R., Detroit Cristo Rey High School
Araden D., Henry Ford II High School
Violetta D., Henry Ford II High School
Diana G., Henry Ford II High School
Trezeta H., Henry Ford II High School
Englantina L., Henry Ford II High School
Staci S., Henry Ford II High School
Abigayle B., Ida High School
Landon B., Ida High School
Drake H., Ida High School
Makayla J., Ida High School
Griffin L., Ida High School
Lillian M., Ida High School
Ava M., Ida High School
Alexis H., Lincoln High School
Aniya H., Lincoln High School
Tayler M., Lincoln High School
Paris S., Lincoln High School
Taliyah W., Lincoln High School
Delilah C., Madison High School
Ariana A., Mason High School
Mariah C., Mason High School
Colin C., Mason High School
Anne C., Mason High School
Drew F., Mason High School
Madison J., Mason High School
Skyler V., Mason High School
Jarah A., Melvindale High School
Jehan A., Melvindale High School
Jessica C., Melvindale High School
Lina K., Melvindale High School
Darcel D., Romulus High School
Colae E., Romulus High School
Laila L., Romulus High School
Brenden T., Romulus High School
Caitlin W., Romulus High School
Mareo B., Stevenson High School
Mohamed-ollie C., Stevenson High School
Nicholas D., Stevenson High School
Alex D., Stevenson High School
Christopher G., Stevenson High School
Samira G., Stevenson High School
Shelby H., Stevenson High School
Emily T., Stevenson High School
Alyssa W., Stevenson High School
Shanese S., Ypsilanti Community High School

Suited for Success: Class of 2021

The DRDFS Class of 2021 Announces College Decisions

Each school year, before high school graduation, Seniors in the Next Level Scholars (NLS) program celebrate their college decisions at an event called Suited for Success. This year, the event took place virtually, with the members of the Class of 2021 joining via Zoom to announce where they are headed to continue their education in the fall.

Prior to the event, Suited for Success celebration boxes were mailed to students’ homes. Inside the box, they received a t-shirt with the logo of their chosen post-secondary institution, a graduation stole, a gift card for enjoying a celebratory pizza, and more.

The celebration started with an Alumni Panel. Three alumni of the NLS program, who currently attend three different post-secondary institutions, had a conversation about their experiences and offered helpful advice to the soon-to-be high school graduates. Elijah D., a freshman at Michigan State University shared his perspective on signing up for his own classes for the first time, and how to prepare for differences in instruction styles between professors. Camryn A., a senior at Grand Valley State University, had insight about on-campus employment, how to best communicate with admissions professionals, and how to build report with professors. The third Alumni on the panel was Marketea A., a junior at Hope College, who students are already familiar with because of her role as NLS Post-Secondary Transition Coach. Marketea was able to provide tips on everything from purchasing textbooks, to resources available to specifically support first-generation college students. The alumni had a great conversation about their real-life experiences that the Class of 2021 will be able to consider as they transition to their next level of education this fall.

Students enjoyed the Alumni Panel and were able to learn a lot from the three panelists. The most impactful highlight of the event, however, was the college decision announcements. One by one, the members of the Class of 2021 took their opportunity on Zoom to enthusiastically announce their post-secondary decisions. The seniors celebrated and clapped for one another, and the NLS Program Advisers shared words of congratulations and support. More than 35 post-secondary institutions were announced in the process. These students will go on to pursue their dreams at schools all across the state and country.

Throughout the three-year NLS program, many students made it a top priority to achieve perfect attendance to all program events. These students were recognized during Suited for Success for their commitment and achievement. The NLS Program Advisers received recognition as well for their dedication to students. From the longest-serving Adviser of nine years, to the newest Advisers to join this school year, they each have a positive impact on the lives of students.

To close the event, Makayla J., from Ida High School, left her fellow seniors with her own inspiring message, telling classmates “My time with Dollars for Scholars has been unforgettable. I’ve learned so much, especially about post-secondary. I’ve also felt so celebrated and encouraged. I feel so joyous and grateful to be with you all today (virtually), celebrating our accomplishments.” Makayla ended with a favorite quote of hers, saying “Today is a milestone. It tells you how far you’ve come. So keep learning, keep trying, keep accomplishing, and keep venturing on through your journey.”

This spring, the Class of 2021 will graduate high school and become part of the NLS Alumni Network. They will be able to rely on this network for guidance, resources, and connecting with new friends. With the help and encouragement of their peers, they will be more prepared to persist through post-secondary to earn their dream degree. Whether they attend a community college, trade school, or four-year university, Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars will be there to offer support along the way.

DRDFS Students Succeed with


This school year, students had to adjust to a new learning environment. With many students in the Next Level Scholars (NLS) program learning from home this year, and some students following a hybrid or an in-person model, we knew we needed to continue providing stable, consistent support no matter the circumstances. We were proud to have provided the services of to our students. allows students to chat with professional tutors on-demand at any time of the day or night, as often as they need to, and for any subject they’re studying. This personalized instruction helps ensure that our students have extra support available to them while working hard to succeed in their classes. Thanks in part to a grant from Eagles for Children, Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars (DRDFS) was able to provide this service at no cost to our students.

Pictured below is Annie, a Next Level Scholar from Ida High School. The screen image shows Annie completing a tutoring session for a math problem she needed help with. In order to work through questions together, students and tutors are able to utilize an interactive white board, along with a chat box. Annie has used multiple times and is very thankful for the support, telling DRDFS “I have been choosing the option without the video and just typing over computer with a tutor while we work out problems on the whiteboard. All of the tutors I worked with have been very encouraging, patient and friendly. They know how to explain (Algebra) problems in different ways. Every tutor is different, and every one of them has helped me, and made me understand more than I did before. I’m very happy Dollars for Scholars has enrolled us in this program because has really helped me a lot!”


Another student, Omimah from Melvindale HS, reflected on using, saying, “ has been such a helpful resource. It has been helping me get my homework done. You can choose from a voice chat or typing chat. While you are getting help from tutor you can ask as many questions as you want and they will try to answer them in the best way! I’m glad that Dollars for Scholars offers this help to us.”

With the help of a weekly student newsletter, students receive reminders that the service is available for them to log on and begin a tutoring session any time. In a recent survey, we also asked students to reflect on a subject they need help with. That information has informed more targeted messages to students, such as “Still struggling with Algebra? Log in to to reach your GPA goal this semester!” These strategies, along with 1:1 and small group calls to log in to the service are impactful reminders to students that this additional support is there.


Interested in learning more about how impacted students in the NLS program this school year? Click here to see what a senior student had to say in A Journey to Post-Secondary Education on YouTube.

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Welcome Class of 2023


Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars (DRDFS) is always growing! Each school year, a new sophomore class is welcomed into the academic support program, Next Level Scholars (NLS). In December 2020, 128 members of the Class of 2023 joined a group of 364 total student participants in DRDFS who are determined to succeed in post-secondary education. The new cohort received NLS Welcome Packages by mail, which contained gifts and goodies including a welcome letter, NLS gear, a t-shirt, a program policy packet, and an invitation for the NLS Google Classroom.

Sophomore Orientation

On January 27th, this new group of sophomores attended their virtual orientation and learned what it means to be a Next Level Scholar. At orientation, students participated in a trivia challenge, asked questions, watched videos to get to know the DRDFS staff, and discussed what motivated them to apply to the program. One student from Stevenson High School said, “I applied to Next Level Scholars because I wanted to learn more about other colleges and I know that NLS will help me do that! I’m excited to go on college trips and learn how to prepare for the future.”

Project Runway

Sophomores will celebrate the start of their post-secondary journeys at Project Runway on May 25th. This event is considered a “crash course” on everything students need to know in order to prepare for their next level of education. The event will feature a spotlight on a post-secondary institution, opportunities to hear from program alumni, a financial literacy session, and expert advice from professional Etiquette Coach Jacqueline Baker.

Sophomore students will walk away from the virtual event equipped with knowledge of opportunities they may not have known were available to them, and the steps they need to take to achieve their post-secondary goals.

Who makes up the Class of 2023?

The NLS Class of 2023 comes from 13 high schools across five counties in Southeast Michigan. These partner schools are located throughout Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties. The various high school communities range from urban, to suburban, to rural, making for a diverse group of students from all different backgrounds. Collectively, this sophomore class speaks 10 different languages! This diversity contributes to meaningful sharing of ideas, perspectives, and experiences, all while student participants have an important dedication in common; to succeed in life after high school. Many of these students will be the first generation in their families to go on to attend post-secondary education. In fact, 77% of the Class of 2023 will be first-generation college students.

What’s next?

This new cohort will complete their first year as Next Level Scholars feeling inspired by the new experiences and information they will be able apply when making important decisions about their futures. In the fall, they will return as Juniors, and will be eager to continue their work toward post-secondary goals. DRDFS is ready to break down barriers to success and support the Class of 2023 along their journey.

Spring Letter from Executive Director, Christa Funk



Through your generosity, we are proud to have implemented some critical new elements in our program this year. With many of our students learning from home, and some students following a hybrid or an in-person model, we knew we needed to continue providing stable, consistent support no matter the circumstances.

  • allows students to chat with professional tutors at any time of the day or night, as often as they need to, and for any subject they’re studying.
  • Virtual Campus Visits have become a great way to keep students learning more about post-secondary institutions, the admissions process, campus life, majors, financial aid, and class sizes.
  • One-on-one personalized college coaching for the Class of 2021 has been an incredible addition. Our College Coach helps students navigate completing the FAFSA, applying to colleges, talking through next steps for enrollment, and more.
  • Virtual SAT Prep sessions, in partnership with professional tutors at The Princeton Review, teach our students tips and tricks to achieving high scores on their SAT test. We have seen our students’ scores increase across the board after our two sessions of prep in past years.
  • Weekly Student Newsletters provide resources and information to keep them engaged, encouraged and motivated.

These changes and updates to our program have allowed more flexibility and innovation in our work, resulting in substantially increased 1-to-1 personalized attention.

We also have a lot to look forward to this spring! We can’t wait to see the Class of 2021 graduate after working hard for three years in the Next Level Scholars Program. This spring, Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars will have awarded over 1,700 students with more than 2.6 million dollars in scholarships since 1990.

We are looking forward to continued achievement and post-secondary degrees being earned for years to come.


Kind regards,

Christa Funk

Christa Funk

Executive Director

Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars

Spotlight on Center Line High School

Four-Year Partnership

In 2017, Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars (DRDFS) partnered with Center Line High School (CLHS). Since then, CLHS student participants have received targeted academic support, and $140,000 in scholarships from DRDFS. Every partner high school shares a passion to help prepare local students for post-secondary success. In addition to partnership with DRFS, CLHS offers students many opportunities to prepare for life after high school. 

Students Choose Career Pathways

In a recent conversation with CLHS Principal Andrea Szabo and Next Level Scholars Program Adviser Audrey Kary, they shared details on all the great programs CLHS provides to their students. The school operates under a wall-to-wall career academy model, in which each student chooses a career path and takes focused elective courses in their chosen field. To begin, each 9th grade student patriciates in the school’s Freshman Academy, where they learn about the many career choices available to them. At the end of the year, students choose to attend either the Health and Human Services Academy or the Industry, Technology or Innovative academy within CLHS. This career pathway choice dictates which elective courses they will take throughout their time in high school.

If students want to explore classes within their chosen career pathways that are not offered by CLHS, they are able to seek out various classes offered via the Southwest Macomb Technical Education Consortium (SMTEC). Because CLHS is one of four schools that make up SMTEC, they are able to offer students a wider selection of Career Technical Education (CTE) classes. These courses focus on high-wage, high-demand skills that are needed in today’s workforce.

Other students at CLHS who are interested in pursuing college courses starting in their junior year may choose to join either the dual enrollment program or the early college program, both offered through Macomb Community College (MCC). These programs are offered at no cost to students. It is possible for students to simultaneously earn their high school diploma and associates degrees upon completion of the early college program. In addition to the above, CLHS offers after school programs including Robotics, Engineering Pathway, a C2 STEM program offered through Wayne State University, and more.

DRDFS Impacts Center Line Students

Principal Szabo and Ms. Kary are enthusiastic supporters of the partnership between DRDFS and CLHS. In order to recruit students to join DRDFS, Ms. Kary identifies students who will benefit most from the program. She meets one-on-one to educate eligible students about the program, and guides them through the application process. She and Principal Szabo have noticed the life-changing impact DRDFS has made on students at their school, like a member of the Class of 2021 who decided to attend Oakland University after the virtual campus tour with DRDFS, or the student who decided to follow his passion to become a barber, and the student who decided to attend the University of Michigan after an in-person campus tour in 2019. Ms. Kary added “DRDFS helps students realize and pursue what they really want to do. They know they have people supporting them and they don’t have to do it alone.”

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