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Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars is much more than just a scholarship program. From 10th grade through high school graduation, students participate in programming that includes tailored campus visits, post-secondary application assistance, etiquette and networking workshops, FAFSA completion, leadership development, and SAT preparation.

The objective of the Next Level Scholars program is simple; to inspire and prepare students to succeed in life after high school. The three-tiered, holistic approach provides targeted resources, experiences and support for students at key intervals throughout high school as they navigate their path to post-secondary education.


Before students can begin preparing for life after high school, they need to envision themselves belonging on a post-secondary campus. Through campus visits and events, Next Level Scholars™ allows students see the opportunities available to them and become excited to continue on to their next level of education. Once the light bulb is turned on and students are able to see the options available to them, they participate in programming to learn about financial aid, leadership skills, and admissions requirements.


Breaking down the academic, social-emotional, and financial barriers to post-secondary success is essential. To help break down academic barriers, Next Level Scholars™ students participate in SAT preparation, which targets key strategies and knowledge gaps. Students begin to develop social-emotional skills while engaging in leadership development, etiquette, and networking training. These soft skills are essential in high school, post-secondary education, and beyond. Finally, while the Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars scholarship breaks down part of the financial barrier, students are also empowered to make informed decisions through Next Level Scholars™ financial literacy training, FAFSA workshops, and learning about other state and federal aid opportunities.


Students experience and exhibit a mindset shift as they progress through the Next Level Scholars program. This shift is characterized by a surge in confidence, knowing they have the tools and resources they need to succeed. By building relationships with business leaders and community members, students put their networking and leadership preparation into practice. Upon graduating from high school, students are equipped for success.

Driven by the three-tiered approach of Inspire, Prepare, Succeed, the Next Level Scholars program puts students first by breaking down barriers and unlocking opportunities for success in life after high school.


The fact that people were willing to support my goals empowered me.”
Sierra, Class of 2019

Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars is proud to partner with MCAN to work toward the shared goal of 60% college attainment by 2030.

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