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Helping local students prepare for life after high school, through scholarships and academic support, to enable post-secondary success.


Founded in 1990, Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars has become Southeast Michigan’s leading private nonprofit scholarship program. As an affiliate of Scholarship America, the nation’s largest private nonprofit scholarship organization, Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars has provided more than $1 million in scholarships to over 700 students in the region, working diligently to prepare local students for life after high school.

Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars is much more than just a scholarship program. With its 13 high school partners in Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties, students are positioned for post-secondary success as they are equipped with experiences, knowledge, and resources. From 10th grade through high school graduation, students participate in programming, which includes tailored campus visits, post-secondary application assistance, etiquette, and networking workshops, FAFSA completion, leadership development, and SAT test preparation.

After three years of participating in the program, each student receives a $4,000 scholarship to help break down the financial barrier. To help ensure post-secondary success, students are engaged through the alumni network; participating in community service days, leadership opportunities, events, and more.

Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars supporters come from all over Southeast Michigan. Community members, schools, local businesses, corporations, and foundations all contribute to our shared goal; to inspire and prepare our students to succeed in life after high school.


Without Dollars for Scholars’ college visits I would have never seen a college campus or experienced what college life would be like.
Daniel, Class of 2019

Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars is proud to partner with MCAN to work toward the shared goal of 60% college attainment by 2030.

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