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Eligibility for the Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars Scholarship is based on a student’s completion of the Next Level Scholars™ program. Students that do not complete the Next Level Scholars™ program will not be eligible for the scholarship. Each scholarship award is estimated to be $4,000, subject to the availability of funds, and is conditional on completion of all eligibility requirements, listed below.


  • Complete the FAFSA by visiting
  • Submit your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) to Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars. Your FAFSA SAR is emailed to you about 3 days after you submit your FAFSA. To submit your SAR, click here.
  • Submit applications to at least three post-secondary institutions. Tip: There are many things to consider when deciding where you want to apply. Remember to apply to reach, match and safety institutions.


  • Submit your FAFSA Student Aid Report to Dollars for Scholars by January 31, 2022. To submit your FAFSA SAR, click here.


  • Determine your post-secondary institution and participate in Suited for Success to announce your decision.
  • Complete FAFSA Verification if you have been selected. Reach out to Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars if you have been selected and aren’t sure what to do or where to start.


  • To receive your scholarship check, submit your post-secondary information by September 1, 2022.
    • Tip: You will be asked to submit your fall 2022 course schedule and the financial aid package you received from your school. You will also be asked how you would like to receive your scholarship (see the “How much of my scholarship do I receive at once?” question in Frequently Asked Questions below). Be prepared!
  • Your check will be mailed directly to your post-secondary institution. You will be required to endorse the check. Please reach out to DRDFS or your school for more information.



Students that are eligible for scholarship funds for the Fall 2022 semester will have checks disbursed to their institutions on the dates below, pending Award Agreement or Award Renewal form submission. Students, please plan accordingly based on when your payments are due.

  1. June 20, 2022
  2. July 18, 2022
  3. August 1, 2022
  4. August 22, 2022
  5. September 1, 2022

Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars Scholarship

How much of my scholarship do I receive at once?
Students have access to an anticipated total of $4,000 from Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars and can claim scholarship funds in the following ways for a maximum of four years. Students must indicate how they wish to receive their scholarship funds in the Award Agreement prior to September 1 of the year of their high school graduation date.

    • $2,000 per year for two consecutive years.
    • $1,000 per year for four consecutive years.
    • $4,000 in one year if the student is in a one-year program. Their award will be disbursed in two equal payments during their program.

Will the Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars scholarship support only students going to a 4-year college/university?
No. DRDFS will support students along multiple paths after high school. This includes students pursuing 4-year degrees, 2-year degrees, and technical diplomas and certificates.

What if I don’t need my scholarship right away?
You can defer (aka put on hold) your scholarship up to 27 months after high school graduation. For more information, email Erin at

How will I receive my scholarships?
Once your complete all of the requirements, your scholarship will be written to you and your institution in a check and mailed to your institution. Once your institution receives your check, you must go in to your school’s financial aid office to endorse it.

Can I still use my Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars scholarship even if I transfer schools?
Yes! Just indicate that you have transferred when renewing your scholarship. As long as the school you have transferred to is accredited by the Department of Education, you can use your scholarship.

What can I use my scholarship on?
Scholarship recipients of all scholarships administered by Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars must only use funds for qualified tuition and related expenses within the meaning of IRC § 117(b)(2).

  • Accordingly, scholarships can be used for the following purpose:
    • Tuition and fees required for the enrollment or attendance of the student.
    • Fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses of instruction.
    • The scholarship cannot be used on room or board.

How many credits do I have to be taking in order to use my scholarship?
You can be enrolled in any number of credits to be eligible to receive your DRDFS scholarship.

If you have any questions about your Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars scholarship, reach out to Erin at (734) 228-8543 or!

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