This school year, students had to adjust to a new learning environment. With many students in the Next Level Scholars (NLS) program learning from home this year, and some students following a hybrid or an in-person model, we knew we needed to continue providing stable, consistent support no matter the circumstances. We were proud to have provided the services of to our students. allows students to chat with professional tutors on-demand at any time of the day or night, as often as they need to, and for any subject they’re studying. This personalized instruction helps ensure that our students have extra support available to them while working hard to succeed in their classes. Thanks in part to a grant from Eagles for Children, Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars (DRDFS) was able to provide this service at no cost to our students.

Pictured below is Annie, a Next Level Scholar from Ida High School. The screen image shows Annie completing a tutoring session for a math problem she needed help with. In order to work through questions together, students and tutors are able to utilize an interactive white board, along with a chat box. Annie has used multiple times and is very thankful for the support, telling DRDFS “I have been choosing the option without the video and just typing over computer with a tutor while we work out problems on the whiteboard. All of the tutors I worked with have been very encouraging, patient and friendly. They know how to explain (Algebra) problems in different ways. Every tutor is different, and every one of them has helped me, and made me understand more than I did before. I’m very happy Dollars for Scholars has enrolled us in this program because has really helped me a lot!”


Another student, Omimah from Melvindale HS, reflected on using, saying, “ has been such a helpful resource. It has been helping me get my homework done. You can choose from a voice chat or typing chat. While you are getting help from tutor you can ask as many questions as you want and they will try to answer them in the best way! I’m glad that Dollars for Scholars offers this help to us.”

With the help of a weekly student newsletter, students receive reminders that the service is available for them to log on and begin a tutoring session any time. In a recent survey, we also asked students to reflect on a subject they need help with. That information has informed more targeted messages to students, such as “Still struggling with Algebra? Log in to to reach your GPA goal this semester!” These strategies, along with 1:1 and small group calls to log in to the service are impactful reminders to students that this additional support is there.


Interested in learning more about how impacted students in the NLS program this school year? Click here to see what a senior student had to say in A Journey to Post-Secondary Education on YouTube.

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