The Provost Scholarship for Business

In 2019, Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars (DRDFS) worked with David Provost to establish a named scholarship for students who graduate from the Next Level Scholars (NLS) program. The Provost Scholarship for Business is awarded to one student per graduating class. The scholarship provides $10,000 each school year for four years, for a total of $40,000, to study business at Eastern Michigan University (EMU). Each spring since it was established, a senior student has been selected to receive the scholarship.

Seniors in the NLS program who are interested in pursuing a post-secondary degree in business from EMU are encouraged to apply. This year, after many student applications were reviewed, Marcos F., from Center Line High School, was selected to receive the scholarship award!


Scholarship Surprise

Marcos and his mother are surprised with balloons and an oversized scholarship check.

DRDFS staff coordinated with Center Line’s Principal and NLS Program Adviser to plan a special celebration and a Zoom announcement while Marcos was at school. To keep the announcement a surprise, Marcos expected to be interviewed alongside his mother, Primavera, for a newsletter article.
When David Provost joined the Zoom call, he made the announcement, saying, “Marcos, I want to congratulate you and tell you that you have been selected to receive my scholarship to Eastern Michigan University!”

To celebrate, Center Line staff cheered as they presented Marcos and his mother with balloons and an oversized scholarship check.

Mr. Provost went on to say, “When I was your age, someone gave me a scholarship … I hope you can pay it forward years from now to the next person down the line. I am here to help you if you need it over the next four years. My goal is to help make you successful.”


EMU Bound

Marcos expressed his gratitude to Mr. Provost, saying, “You’ve given me an opportunity to not only achieve my dreams, but to give back. You’ve invested in me and for that reason, I have never been more grateful and motivated to do great things.” When he graduates from high school this spring and transitions into the DRDFS Alumni Network, Marcos will continue have access to the vast support system and additional resources that DRDFS provides. Marcos looks forward to attending EMU in the fall, studying business, and learning about entrepreneurship.

Marcos poses in front of Center Line High School with balloons and oversized scholarship check.


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