Congratulations, Class of 2020!

This year, our College Decision Day celebration, Suited for Success, is taking place virtually! Each student will receive a Suited for Success kit in the mail, containing everything needed to celebrate. More than 100 graduating seniors will announce on video where they will be headed in the fall to continue their education. Selecting a post-secondary institution is a life-changing event, and something that Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars is proud to celebrate with our students and their families.




Watch Video Messages From Your Advisers!


Ms. Belsky, Berkley High School

Mr. Bowers, Mason Senior High School 

Ms. Benson, Madison High School 

Ms. Carroll, Clintondale High School

Ms. Eid, Melvindale High School

Ms. Huff, Lincoln High School 

Mr. Joseph, Henry Ford II High School 

Mr. Leonard, Ida High School

Ms. McCloud, Stevenson High School 

Mr. Mikula, Detroit Cristo Rey High School

Mr. Taylor, Ypsilanti Community High School

Ms. Tye, Berkley High School

Ms. Willerick, Romulus High School


College Decision Video Instructions

Step 1: Set the Scene

Find a quiet, well-lit area in your home. Get your college t-shirt and any other props you might have ready to go and plan what you’re going to say and do! Maybe consider involving your family to cheer you on, have a chant ready for your college, etc. The sky is the limit! There’s a prize for the most spirited video, so bring your creativity and excitement!

Step 2: Make the Announcement

Ask a family member to help with filming, or find a spot to set your phone to film and make the big announcement! Make sure your voice and college choice can be clearly heard and seen on screen!

Make sure to announce the following as clearly as possible: “My name is _________ and I’ll be attending __________ in the fall.”

Step 3: Send it in

Send your video in to us using the form located here.

Social Media

We encourage you to share your Suited for Success kit unboxing photos on Instagram! Make sure to tag @drd4s, and use the hashtag #DRDFSDecisionDay and #IDecided.


Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Post-Secondary

Make sure to download your copy of the DRDFS Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Post-Secondary. It’s full of information and tips that will help you have a successful post-secondary experience!


Well Wishes for the Class of 2020

  • “Congratulations and much success to my son and the class of 2020! Keep working hard and never give up!” – Carla W., Parent of a Next Level Scholar
  • “Congratulations graduates of 2020! NOTHING can hold you back— you got this! Best of luck in your future endeavors!” – Adam D., DRDFS Supporter
  • “Thank you all for giving me someone to look up to in the program! I’m so excited to see you guys live out your dreams! Congratulations on making it through the program!” – Monica D., Next Level Scholar
  • “Best wishes to the Class of 2020! The road might have been long, with bumps, and hills, low spots and high spots, but you made it. Congratulations Class of 2020!” – Annie R., Next Level Scholar
  • “Having attended the luncheon for the past two years I can tell you how inspiring your stories are. Your desire to learn, to expand your view of the world, and to work hard will provide you with opportunities that will be life changing.  Being able to support your dreams has been very satisfying to all of us who have come to know this program.  Wishing you much success and happiness as you find your way in the world with the ultimate goal of making a difference.” – Michael M., DRDFS Supporter
  • “I’m so proud of the Class of 2020 for the hard work and success. I wish them good luck to more success as they move forward to their future.” – Maria O., Parent of a Next Level Scholar
  • “Congratulations to all of you graduating this year and moving onto the next chapter of your lives.  This will be an exciting and challenging time, but continuing the commitment you have made to your education is extremely important. All of us out here supporting you could not be more proud of each and every one of you.  We wish nothing but the best for you in furthering your education and in your personal lives.  Continue to make us proud!” – Frank P., DRDFS Supporter
  • “Congratulations on achieving a major milestone! Great results come from hard work. May your degree unlock many doors for you. Wishing you all the best.” – Lydia M., DRDFS Supporter
  • “Congratulations!  You did it.  What an accomplishment.  Please know that I am sending you well wishes and inspiration from afar.” – Chris S., DRDFS Supporter
  • “Dear Class of 2020, it has been so great getting to know some of you and I know all of you will succeed after high school. I hope the college experience treats you well and you come back to share some stories as a college freshman. Wishing you all the best.” – Kamio G., Next Level Scholar


Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars is proud to partner with the Michigan College Access Network to bring a virtual Suited for Success experience to our students. Click here to learn more.

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